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Page 1 of 1:    3 Items

Reusable nappies, terry nappies, cloth nappies, real nappies, cloth diapers - whatever you call them, they are best for your baby, your pocket and for the environment.


Organic cloth nappies don't contain harmful chemicals and nasty gels so are more natural against your baby’s skin.


We have selected the best washable nappies on the market today - many tested by our own panel of cloth nappy experts.

Our range includes bumGenius, Wonderoo, Flip, Mother-ease, and disana, all chosen because of their excellent feedback and reviews.

Studies have shown that parents can save £500-£800 per baby by using real nappies, even taking into account the cost of home laundry.

Disposable nappies may take up to 500 years to degrade - meaning that every throw-away nappy ever used is still in the ground somewhere and at around 4500 nappies per baby that is a lot of landfill.

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